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Economic Development

The Economic Development Commission is incorporated as a section of Shelton’s duly adopted City Charter. The organization of the Commission includes a five-member board appointed by the Mayor and its powers conform to those described by state statute. The Commission historically has taken on the responsibility for the development of advertisements and related marketing materials used to recruit new businesses. In 1992 the Mayor formally, charged the Commission with the function to develop an aggressive marketing campaign to promote Shelton’s positive image and retain current businesses as well as attract new ones. The Mayor rated the Commission’s performance as "solid, successful and imaginative."


A Well Defined Plan

The Economic Development Commission fulfills its stated mission by following these specific objectives:
• Advance Shelton's economic development and public welfare
• Update the City work plan
• Promote the economic wellbeing of Shelton
• Preserve and expand the tax base
• Promote job opportunities in Shelton
• Promote the growth and development of existing neighborhoods
• Increase and coordinate the flow of economic development