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Shelton’s growth and pattern of success continue and increase because of strong citizen involvement and support in the affairs of our City. As we face the future years and the advent of the new millennium, we will concentrate on what can best be done to assure a healthy, steady growth while maintaining the quality of life and the integrity of our efforts.
     Our City is unique. We are able to combine the beauty of over 1,000 acres of primeval forests and almost 2,000 acres of working farms together with a city bustling with commercial and industrial activity plus beautiful and comfortable homes for more than 38,000 people.

Our Formula for Dynamic Growth
Built in to our past and current success, and working strongly for us in future success, are certain key efforts:
Shelton’s strategic location is within 250 miles of one-third of the U.S. population and at the crossroads of international trade routes.

An abundance of affordable, attractive land for development of industrial, commercial and residential investment.
A solid partnership between the public and the private sector — allowing developers to "fast-track" their plans within established procedures while maintaining the integrity of growth.
A comprehensive City plan covering all aspects of growth and development and recognizing both the opportunity and the need to provide City services to accommodate this growth.

Future Challenges
These are some of the main issues to be addressed in the year 2002 and beyond:
Completion of engineering and construction related to increasing the capacity of our wastewater treatment plant.

Preservation of the environment and greenbelt by purchasing available open spaces.
Completion of a plan of development for and then extension of Constitution Boulevard to connect with Route 108 (relieving traffic and providing growth).
Continued emphasis on improved education to better prepare students for the future.
Continued concentration and restoration of the downtown neighborhood as an exciting place to live and work, and as a place for dining, entertainment and shopping.

Visions of the Future

Begin the design of Phase 2 of the Shelton Enterprise and Commerce Park
Formalize plans for a downtown riverwalk and related pedestrian connections resulting in the extension of the riverfront linear park from the Route 8 bridge to the hydroelectric dam — giving all Shelton residents access to the Housatonic River.
Improvement of the traffic pattern on Route 108 through Huntington Center.

Enterprise Park and Land Purchase Approvals
On June 3, 1997, in a history-making referendum, Shelton voters approved $6.35 million in bonding for the Shelton Enterprise and Commerce Park and $7 million for the purchase of 471 acres of land from Bridgeport Hydraulic Company. The State Bond Commission, on May 30, 1997, approved a state grant of $2,634,950 for the Enterprise Park, which will help to defray the City’s bonding cost as the project proceeds.
     On July 28, 2005, Governor M. Jodi Rell signed legislation allowing the City of Shelton to retain the former B.F. Goodrich site as permanent public open space.
     Since that time major improvements have been completed and additional local, state, and federal funding has been secured to begin the second phase of this revitalization project as originally envisioned.

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