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As a growing community populated by many young families, Shelton strives to provide a rich, stimulating learning environment for students at all levels. The major goal of our educational system is to impart knowledge by offering varied instructional strategies, and introducing new teaching initiatives which will equip students to pursue further self-education in a responsible manner throughout their adult life. To this end, the Board of Education employs administrators and teachers who are highly competent, creative, and willing to grow as the needs of our community change. Shelton’s abundance of educational resources and strong community spirit make this city a wonderful environment in which to live, work, and learn.


Total Students 5,787
Students/Population Ratio 15%
Student/Teacher Ratio 16 students /teacher
% in Public Schools 85.6%
Average Expenditure/Student $9,365
Average SAT Scores  
Verbal 508
Math 504
Graduation Rate  
Total Graduation 97.3%
% Attending Post-Secondary 88.6%
2005/06 Education Budget $55,751,500