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The Shelton Public Schools are committed to developing and promoting a partnership-driven system of education and skill development between the Shelton Public Schools and the local business community that prepares students to be successful and productive lifelong learners and workers. Recognizing that organizational skills, decision making ability, responsibility and interpersonal skills are essential for future personal and professional success, the District has worked with a variety of community and business partners to encourage student growth and career awareness.

Junior Achievement
Junior AchievementThe Shelton Public Schools have successfully partnered with Junior Achievement of Western Connecticut to provide over 2,000 students with meaningful career development and contextual learning experiences. Kindergarten through adult classroom programs and work site job shadowing opportunities are offered to students throughout the system. Junior Achievement helps students to learn first hand about what the "world of work" is really like.

School To Career
School to WorkSchool to Career provides educationally rewarding and beneficial learning experiences for all students. Work and school based learning, and connecting activities create pathways which provide all students with academic and work based opportunities that are an integral part of a continuum of life-long learning. By integrating vocational studies with relevant college preparatory curriculum components, we prepare students to meet the educational needs of the 21st century.

Pupil Personnel Services
The Shelton School System offers a full range of Pupil Personnel Services designed to meet the developmental needs of all students. School counselors, nurses, psychologists, social workers, speech and language pathologists, and other qualified school professionals provide integrated support services within the school setting.

Mentoring Program
Mentor ProgramCaring men and women throughout the greater Shelton area volunteer their time to spend one hour each week with their mentees during the school day. These dedicated individuals are the heart and soul of the Shelton Mentor Program, and serve as positive role models for their mentees. Now in its sixth year, the Shelton Mentor Program continues to grow.

Students who are academically gifted are invited to participate in REAP, an acronym for Reach Every Able Pupil. This program provides the school system’s highest achievers with an opportunity to enhance and expand their knowledge and interests. Students work on individual and group projects tailored to their specific learning styles. Students participate in activities designed to promote creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills. Intellectual risk taking, group interaction, and peer and self evaluation are important components of this program.

The Shelton High School Robotics Program
Robotics TeamThe Shelton High School robotics team extended its business sponsorship to include UTC/Sikorsky and OEM, as well as numerous community contributors to organize a team for the F.I.R.S.T. (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Robotics Competition. In just six weeks, 49 students, teachers, engineers, and parents designed, constructed, and tested a robot capable of meeting the demands of the F.I.R.S.T. competition.

Shelton Alternative Education
The Shelton Alternative Education Program is a voluntary program that provides students with an opportunity to earn a Shelton High School diploma in a non-traditional learning environment. Utilizing innovative approaches to teaching and learning, the Shelton Alternative Education Program offers students with a variety of needs an opportunity to achieve personal and educational growth.

PTA Council
Parental involvement is essential for each child’s success in the Shelton School system. The council’s main focus is to encourage parent and community involvement in the Shelton School system, and to promote the safety and welfare of its children. Our PTA Council serves as a catalyst for educational progress throughout the Shelton Public Schools.

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